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Intelligent mica wire taping machine speed break limit, reach 3500RPM

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Update time : 2017-11-23 14:27:48

Intelligent mica wire taping machine speed break limit, reach 3500RPM
         Royal machinery have found the way to get the highest rotating speed on intelligent mica wire taping machine.
         the boss of Royal Machinery in the field of wire taping machine more than 20 years, find that most mica wire taping machine made in China can only have rotating speed around 2000RPM, but in European machines it can run at around 3000RPM. other all the parts, motor, inverter use the same brand, the speed have big different. what is the difference between our wire taping machine and European wire taping machine?
         he found the first part is on the machine body, we can see material use is very strong, their welding splice are in order, the length are the same, to reduce the machine shaking in running. this is easy for us to change.
         the second part, is on the taping head. before our spooler type taping head have too many rollers, use iron for the taping plate, so the taping head is much heavier and very difficult to keep balance on the two side. how about change the material? reduce the rollers? we find the way. now we use the aluminum hollow plate to reduce the iron solid plate to reduce the weight, and reduce all the unnecessary rollers. when in assembly we use balance to make sure all the screw and rollors are in balance on the two side.
        after this two, we find our shaft and bearing in the taping head a very easy to wearing, in run at 3000RPM, it can break in one month, so it is any secret here? the bearing brand? or...? we find even use the best bearing brand SKF, the situation is the same. so their should be some difference here. the engineer team asembling and desembling the taping machine trying to find some difference. finally they find the big the tolerance on the shaft, the easier to wearing. so how about the we also reduce the tolerance? yes, that is the key. after change the tolerance we find the machine can running at high speed even without any shaking in the running. after two months test running. the mica wire taping machine can running at 3200RPM stably, and Max can reach 3500RPM.
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