Co-axial cable production line

Co-axial cable production line

Co-axial cable production line include Co-axial cable insulation, Co-axial cable braiding and Co-axial cable sheathing. Royal Machinery Can supply the whole production line for Co-axial cable production.

Co-axial cable production line
Co-axial cable usage:
generally co-axial cable can be devided into 50Ωco-axial cable and 75Ω co-axial cable.75Ω co-axial cable used for CATV internet, so it also called CATV cable, the transmission band width is about 1GHz, now generally used is 750MHz. 50Ωco-axial cable generally used for base band signal transmission, band width around 1-20MHz,sub ethernet use  50Ωco-axial cable, in ethernet, 50Ωco-axial cable transmission distance is Max.185m, big size cable can be 1000m.

inside structure of co-axial cable:
single strand copper conductor → PE foaming insulation → copper wire braiding layer → PVC outer sheathing

Co-axial cable production process:
PE physical foaming insulation → copper wire braiding → PVC outer sheath extrusion

Co-axial cable production machines:
1. 65+30 physical foaming extrusion line

2. 16 carriers high speed braiding machine

3. 70 PVC outer sheath extrusion line