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sintering furnace --- horizontal auto move type

Item No.: HO500-1500
sintering furnace use for conductor preheating, tape sintering, and crosslinking, horizontal high temperature sintering oven greatly incease the cable electricity performance
Description package&transporation test running & installation and commission
intelligent horizontal sintering furnace
intelligent horizontal sintering furnace can be used for conductor preheating, tape sintering, and crosslinking, high temperature sintering oven greatly incease the cable electricity performance

machine features:
1. straight heating function: sintering oven ceramic infrated ray inner heating, without contact on the wire, conductor go through the oven no need the guiding pulleys, no resistance.
2. conductor preheating function: conductor preheating can increase the plastic adhesive force on the conductor, when heating degree higher than 150℃, the water on the conductor can be dried, make the conductor to be softer, which can incease the brightness of the insulation.
3. tape sintering function: make the plastic tape shrank after heating, the tape can tightly stick on the conductor, make the electrical performance of the cable better.
4.crosslinking function: crosslinking material after oven heating, can move faster, crosslink with each other, after crosslinking the plastic surface physical characteristic increase quickly, after cool down the physical characteristic keep on.
5. intelligent linked work: machine movement linked with other machine, when machine stop, oven also backward, when machine start, machine auto foreward, avoid wire get burned in oven when machine stop. energy: with Germany ceramic heating elements, together with SCR temp control device, auto control the heating time, avoid heating temp too high or too low.
7. clean to use: oven use SUS304 stainless steel material, no pollution to the wire, also easy to clean.

technical parameter:
application: copper wire, aluminum wire, tape covered wire, rubber cable vulcanazing.
heating temperature: normal temperature to 500℃, working temperature 150-350℃
oven length: 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm
heating power: 4KW, 8KW, 12KW
heating elements: ceramic heating plate.
suiable line speed: conductor max 150m/min, insulated wire Max 50m/min.
oven material: SUS304 stainless steel.
temp control: RKC temp controller to control the temp.
temp testing: pure copper as testing point, thermocouple testing the inner air temperature.
testing section: 1 section
heating protection: heating preserve thickness>40, surface temperature <70℃
energy saving: use SCR relay to adjust heating temperature.
intelligent control: protect the wire when stop the machine, machine start, oven in; machine stop, oven out.
inlet and outlet pulley: install guiding pulley, avoid wire sheaking and harm.
safety gaurd: short curcuit protection, all the termal out of the oven, easy to check.

Royal Machinery can arrange different kinds of package for customer's different request.
1. welding fix & anti-collision film cover for truck shipment
2. fix on wooden pallet & anti-collision film cover for whole container shipment
3. wooden bar fixed & anti-collision film cover for whole container shipment and partial shipment
4. wooden case fixed  & anti-collision film cover for whole container shipment and partial shipment

for the transaction terms, we can do: EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF

pictures for reference:

test running in seller's factory:
1. To ensure our products quality, generally we will inform our customer to test running the machine in our factory about 7 days before delivery.
2. if customer need the samples for testing, then need to prepare the qualified raw material before test running.
3. if customer do not have time to come for test running, we will test running the machine ourselves to check the quality, and send the test running video to customer.

installation and commission in buyer's factory:
1. about 3 days after the machine delivery, our engineer will given the installation design to customer for confirmation.
2. if customer want to install and commission the machine themselves, we will send the installation design, electrical circuit drawings, machine operation manuals, and provide any other information according to customer's request.
3. if customer need our engineer to install and commission the machine for them, we can provide engineer to the customer's factory. our engineer will strictly comply with the agreed installation drawing to install and commission the machine for customer, train the workers how the operate the machine properly, and tell customer how to maintain and repair generally problems .